Is your water safe?

It is common knowledge that UAE has limited water resources. Most of the country’s portable water comes from desalination plants. The city officials ensure that the saline water goes through a rigorous process so that it’s people get safe drinking water. However, once the water has been desalanised, it travels several kilometers through pipelines before it is available for consumption. So how safe is the water you get in your home? 

The largest power and desalination plant in the UAE is located in Jebel Ali, which pumps 100 Million Imperial Gallons per day. The water from the plant reaches our home after travelling through a long pipeline network. Once the water reaches your building, it is stored in the water tank. From there it travels through the pipes within the building walls before finally reaching our tap. 

That’s a lot of distance to cover. And that’s also where the water might become unfit for direct consumption. 

The water that the city desalinates is fit for consumption. However, pipe leaks or an unclean tank can make the water unfit for drinking purposes. Which is why a majority of the expat population chooses bottled water over tap water. It’s best to use a water filter in your house to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. They will be your ‘last line of defense’ to ensure that you get clean water from your tap. 

Why should you use filters? 

One of the most common reasons why people start using filters in their home is because they think that their water tastes weird. Even so, that’s not the only reason why you should be using filters. The water that you avoid drinking from the kitchen is the same one that you use for having a shower. It’s recommended that you use a shower filter to restrain the excessive chlorine in your water. 

If you prefer having longer showers, you will be exposing yourself to more chlorine. The chemical element causes dryness of skin, which could lead to dandruff. The choices for filters are vast, each of them promising to filter completely. But all of them have drawbacks. 

Why choose VitaPure? 

VitaPure has sparked a new era in water filtration and refinement. It’s simple to use and cutting edge technologies have witnessed a constant growth in popularity. VitaPure offers a wide range of products that will meet all your diverse needs.  

The most valuable addition to VitaPure’s products is the Vitamin C filter which neutralises chlorines and chloramines. Removal of these chemicals will improve your damaged skin and hair. The Vitamin C filter is the safest and excellenest way to keep enjoying your refreshing showers. It helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles while also increasing collagen production. 

VitaPure’s showerheads and filters will enable you to relish your showers while providing much needed nourishment to your hair.