About Us

Welcome to Wellness Terminal 

An online store for your wellness needs, delivering across the Middle East Countries 

Wellness Terminal offers unique and high-quality products that are essential for your wellness needs. It’s a convenient portal with an easy and safe shopping experience with distribution networks across the Middle East Countries. 

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Why Choose Us  

At Wellness Terminal, we pride ourselves with providing not just the finest products but also following up with our customers with excellent after sales service.  

Our team consists of trained skin care specialists who can provide you with expert insights into any skin products you might be considering to use. Because at the end of the day, your wellness and satisfaction is our highest priority.   

Spec Brite Group  

Wellness Terminal is a company under Spec Brite Group – the leading provider of advanced wellness products and equipment in the Middle East. We only distribute devices and products that have been mindfully chosen to provide the best and precise results to our clients.  

Spec Brite Group largely focuses on the latest product inventions & technologies from the following wellness inter-connected industries: aesthetic, medical, fitness, sports, home & personal care. As a company established in 1997, Spec Brite Group has achieved a commendable reputation for consistently providing quality products to its end users.  

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Our Mission  

To bring you the most advanced technologies and products for wellness from across the world. 

Our Vision 

To become your favorite Partner for your wellness needs.